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What it Means to be in Denial…

When you’ve been through a loss of love, it’s hard to accept the reality of the situation and it’s a shock to the soul. You’ve been moving right along thinking your relationship is fine and then…BAM the break-up! You might be wondering…did that just happen? While our minds are trying to process the failed relationship it is normal to move into a state of denial.

What is Denial? Denial is our bodies way of coping so we can come up with a plan for our life. It insulates our spirit until we can gather our thoughts to cope with the problem. There is no timeframe for this stage, it just happens. 

How Do I Know If I’m in Denial?
Are you making excuses and pretending the nothing happen?
Are you saying to yourself…he didn’t mean it?
Are you covering up the situation and lying to your friends and family?
Are you laughing hysterically instead of crying?
Are you hoping the sadness will disappear on it’s own?
Are you asking yourself why couldn’t I make this work?
Are you blaming yourself?
Do you feel like a failure?
Are you pretending that everything is fine?
Are you immersed in work instead of dealing with your feelings?

If  You’ve Answered YES to Any of the Above Questions,  You Could Be in Denial.

The Truth is… this is beginning stage on the emotional roller coaster ride and at some point…you will need to accept your current situation. Whether you were dumped or decided to part ways, either way, you will be fine. Have faith that once your mind and body realize what has happened, your life bounces back… eventually. Stop, reflect and most importantly br-ea-the!