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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Bridging the Gap with Other Women

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about Elizabeth Edward’s interview on Oprah. Her husband John Edwards, had cheated on her and then lied about the length of his affair … not once, but twice. Watching Elizabeth being interviewed on Oprah was uncomfortable and seeing her pain, anguish, and denial played out on television was almost too much to bear. I wanted to reach into the TV and give her a hug.

She told her story and made some interesting points, but the one thing that struck a cord was her statement, “Women need to have respect for other women.” After thinking long and hard about it, I realized that lack of respect for each other is the heart of our gender’s demise and it starts with respect for ourselves and the choices and decisions we make every day. If we choose to make a mean comment about another woman’s appearance or sleep with another woman’s husband, we are only contributing to the demise of “womanhood.” And if we don’t respect ourselves, our choices, and our self-worth, then it will take us years to find empowerment.

If we simply followed the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself,” would we be where we are today … watching the destruction of marriage, lying to our spouses, and experiencing extreme suffering? No, we would not. Could it be that all these years, “we have set up our own roadblocks?” Has our own negativity towards each other and our broken bonds set us along this path?

What is respect? 
esteem or a sense of worth: I have great respect for her because …

Could “lack of respect for ourselves” be the reason …
We criticize each other 
We judge each other on our appearances
We justify that it’s okay to sleep with a married man
We compromise our values to boost our own ego
We don’t ask for what we want
And we make less money than men in the workforce

Has our negativity towards each other limited our true potential for success … not just as ONE, but as a collective group?

How do we stop this cycle and help each other?
We can start by honoring ourselves, respecting ourselves, and doing ONE nice thing today for another woman.

Start today by …
Paying a compliment
Connecting another woman with a job, a friend, a lead
Listening and supporting one another
Lending your knowledge and your resources
And … Dumping the man who wronged another woman

Together we can earn each other’s respect by helping one another succeed, mending the bonds of womanhood and working together to reach our dreams.

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