abcabcabc Break up Guide | Surviving a Break-up or Divorce - Part 2

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Bridging the Gap with Other Women

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about Elizabeth Edward’s interview on Oprah. Her husband John Edwards, had cheated on her and then lied about the length of his affair … not once, but twice. Watching Elizabeth being interviewed on Oprah was uncomfortable and seeing her pain, anguish, and denial

How to Stop Attracting Drama

According to the Urban Dictionary, "drama" is when a person overreacts or exaggerates the importance of a benign event. Growing up in Southern California, no event was ever benign. My life was filled with drama. Artists, alcoholics, and suburban housewives frequented our home and they always showed up with their greatly

Ten Steps to Recovering and Thriving After a Divorce

Divorce is a rebirth of a new life that is free from all constraints of your former life. It is your chance to rewrite you're story. Here is mine. The steps of recovering from a divorce are long and arduous. Like Aaron Ralston crawling his way out of a Utah canyon, climbing

Dating Again After Divorce

I'm back in a relationship again, after a long and sad divorce, but my heart is still protected. I'm not the same carefree, fun loving girl I once was. I'm not bitter, just more aware and cautious. Is this new person the right fit for my lifestyle and my personality?