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Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Healing your body, mind and spirit after a divorce takes work, inner strength and time. It can be a long process because your mind is filtering through many different thoughts and emotions. Sometimes issues from your childhood resurface and usually in those times, you can get a clearer picture of what happened and why but you have to look deep. The truth is…only you know what happened in your relationship and why you split apart. The next step is acknowledging what happened, working through the sadness, and healing your heart.

The Road to Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit Begins Here:

Feel Your Emotions
The only way to heal properly is by truly “feeling and embracing your emotions.” While you might think you can skip this step, it will come back to haunt you in the future. Let it happen. Go to a quiet place and cry. Feel the sadness and release that energy, otherwise it will be stuck in your body and could manifest into illness. Feel the pain and push through it!

Acknowledge Your Role
At some point, you will need to acknowledge that you played a role in the relationship. Don’t blame yourself or feel guilty but take responsibility. By seeing both perspectives, it aids the healing process.

Put affirmations and inspiring messages around your house so you can see them everyday. Write them on a “post it note” and stick them on your mirror. Put positive messages on your vision board – it will give you hope. “I deserve abundance” “I want to smile and laugh more” “I will survive” “Life will bring me everything that I want.” The messages will remind you to “feel good.”

Appreciate Loved Ones
Take each day as it comes and take this time to appreciate your loved ones. Listen to them and be present in the moment.

Time Heals
The saying time heals wounds is true. It does, and eventually you will question whether that time in your life ever existed. The saying “for every year you were married it takes 1/2 the time to recover” is NOT TRUE. Everybody goes through similar emotional stages and everyone heals at their own rate.

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