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How Traveling Transforms Your Life

Traveling is a great way to see the world and get a fresh perspective on life. It opens your eyes to new cultures and alternative lifestyles. If you’re traveling in a developing country, it will make you realize how lucky you are and soon your life and problems will seem like a distant memory. As you meet people with similar experiences from Africa to India to Europe to the US, you will see the connection with others and see how magical life can be.

My Travel Itinerary…

Write it Down
Start by writing down 3 places that you’ve always wanted to travel to and list the reasons why…

Research on the internet. Google the place that you would like to visit, then read about it on Trip Advisor. Go to the library, local bookstore, or Amazon and pick up a travel book. There are travel books written by destination and they have everything that you need to know…from recommended accommodations and restaurants to tours, must see landmarks and so much more.

Map it Out
Get a map and pin point where your dream destination. Put it on the wall and visualize your trip. This will make your dream a reality.

Talk to Friends 
Ask friends where they have traveled to, then get on-line and start researching information and places. A great resource for women travelers is Tango Diva.

What if I Don’t Have Money?
Having no money is a poor excuse for not traveling because it can be much cheaper traveling than living day to day. Be smart! Instead of buying the new sweater or the new pair of shoes, put that $50 away. Stop spending on material things and start replenishing your soul.

Cheap Accommodations
Look into hostels. Even if you’re over the age of 30, hostels welcome people of all ages. Accommodations range from $20 a night on up and you don’t need to book far in advance.

Everybody Knows Someone
Chat with people who have traveled.

Exchange Lives
Do a home swap (Think…The Holiday with Cameron Diaz) and exchange your life with another person’s life for a couple weeks. Set it up in advance. This is a great way to live inexpensively in another country and be a tourist on the cheap. The best part is…you can integrate into another culture more quickly.

Soul Adventures
Global Soul Adventures 
provides guided eco-adventure travel vacations.

They promise…
A  wide range of activities in a remote area
Deeper connection with the local community
And…a fun, inspirational, uplifting and an enlightening experience

To book a trip around the world, go to Have your one-way itinerary mapped out and the approximate number of days you wish to spend in that country. It makes it much easier for the booking agent. Contact airbrokers and they will set the entire trip up for you.

For Travel with the US. If you want to compare the prices of all the airlines, visit Otherwise, most on-line airline resources are all fairly competitive and easy to navigate.

So…get started and plan your dream trip today!