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Ditch Your Ego and Get Aligned With Your Spirit

egoThe collapse of a marriage is a spiritual wake-up call and an opportunity to squash your ego and get aligned with your spirit. It’s your chance to grow as a person and step outside of yourself and your ego and take responsibility for your life.

What is the difference between the ego and the spirit?

Your ego always knows, and your spirit or soul doesn’t need to know. Your ego lives in fear. The ego dwells in the past and lures you in to play its little game. Your ego blames and it always needs to be right. It must have the last word and unleash its wicked tongue because it is insecure and scared and immature.

Your spirit or soul doesn’t care. It lives in the present moment, not in the past. Peace and joy are familiar feelings that flood the body, and when obstacles are presented, they don’t matter. They roll off your back. Whether your X-spouses’ lover sends narcissistic communication, or you hear that he is cheating again, you don’t feel a need to engage or respond because it is not in line with the good of your spirit.

So instead take the high road and practice love and acceptance. Know that the universe is guiding you to align with your spirit and become more connected. Gain strength from knowing that YOU ARE EVERYTHING, and that is enough. Trust that life is taking you exactly where you need to go.

Enjoy this new found peace in your life. Bring forth the best in yourself and embrace your fulfilled life. You’ll find that when you finally live your life in trust – in the present moment – and consciously – then you have fully healed and can and will become an inspiration to others.