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Forgiveness is the “Gift You Give Yourself”

The most loving form of detachment is forgiveness. It is about cutting the cord of resentment and freeing yourself. However, it is much easier said than done, especially if the person who has hurt you isn't remorseful. Perhaps they haven't realized the extent of their hurtful actions and how much

What it Means to be in Denial…

When you’ve been through a loss of love, it's hard to accept the reality of the situation and it's a shock to the soul. You've been moving right along thinking your relationship is fine and then...BAM the break-up! You might be wondering...did that just happen? While our minds are trying

Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Healing your body, mind and spirit after a divorce takes work, inner strength and time. It can be a long process because your mind is filtering through many different thoughts and emotions. Sometimes issues from your childhood resurface and usually in those times, you can get a clearer picture of

How to Determine if You Are Having an Anxiety Attack?

Splitting up can be stressful on the physical body and when your world is suddenly turned upside down, anxiety can occur. You might feel a shortness of breath, dizzy or faint. It can feel as though the world is spinning faster than you would like and you don't know how