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How to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce?

How to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce? When a relationship ends, it can be a painful journey, so take this time to re-focus your priorities, build your self-esteem, and look inward. Stop for a moment and ask yourself…What have I always wanted to do, to see, to be? This is your opportunity to

How Traveling Transforms Your Life

Traveling is a great way to see the world and get a fresh perspective on life. It opens your eyes to new cultures and alternative lifestyles. If you're traveling in a developing country, it will make you realize how lucky you are and soon your life and problems will seem

“I don’t love you anymore. I’m leaving you.”

“I don’t love you anymore.  I’m leaving you.” It’s a stinging at first, that starts in your chest and then takes hold there until it grows another appendage which grabs at the stomach and takes hold there too. For months. Like it’s never leaving.  The way you imagine cancer behaves. Only

Tips for Starting a Career After a Breakup

When you've experienced a significant loss or a break-up, it's often difficult to perform everyday functions as simple as eating and sleeping - let alone functioning well at work. If you can't take time off work to heal your heart, then remember to take a deep breath and breathe. Feel

Grieving Loss and Forgiveness

In this life we all share one thing in common, loss. Whether it is the loss of a spouse through divorce, a loss of a family member or a loss of a pet, it is hard no matter how you look at it. My friend called the other day and asked