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How to Stop Attracting Drama

According to the Urban Dictionary, “drama” is when a person overreacts or exaggerates the importance of a benign event.

Growing up in Southern California, no event was ever benign. My life was filled with drama. Artists, alcoholics, and suburban housewives frequented our home and they always showed up with their greatly exaggerated stories. Their stories were so exciting, they could be material for a Hollywood movie. They made serious events interesting and their extreme emotion always ignited a reaction. My life was full of laughs and gossip and fabrication.

When I was a teenager, my friend’s mom gossiped about a neighbors divorce and her story was filled with malicious intent. My instincts said that this gossip would one day bite her in the ass. And, of course, it did. Shortly after, she found out her husband was having an affair. He kept that affair secret for 20 years and the secret destroyed their family.

The problem is…when you grow up with drama, you attract drama. It lures you in like a priest to his alter prey and you find yourself engaging in behavior that doesn’t sit right in your soul. You engage. You converse. But something feels OFF. When a person finally understands that they have attracted drama into their life, they can see the sharks circling. The behavior is obvious. Intuitively, the body wants to pull away.

Who is that drama king or queen in your life? Watch them and listen. Are they waiting for a reaction from you? What you’ll notice…is that they won’t stop their story until they get a reaction. And if you don’t engage, they will move onto the next person.