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moab_650The Break up Guide is a web site that shares stories about how to enrich, empower and restore your life after a break-up or divorce. There are tips on how to get through the emotional process, rediscover your identity, find balance and build a support network of friends so you can embrace the next chapter of your life with open arms.

Our dream is to give you a place to come together and express yourselves. It’s about connecting people who have never met, creating a safe place to share your thoughts, and finding encouragement through other people’s stories. We hope that by sharing your words you might inspire another person to get through this challenging period.

The Break-up Guide was inspired and created in 2007 by my own experience. I fell in love and thought I had it all – a loving, adoring husband, a house, a great job, and wonderful friends. It was a dream come true. Then one day my husband came home and confessed he was having an affair. Devastated and shocked, I began a very painful and emotional rollercoaster ride.

At that point, I knew I had to re-evaluate my priorities and get back to basics. So I quit my high profile job, sold the house, and put my belongings into a storage unit. I packed a small duffle bag and bought a round the world ticket and traveled solo around the South Pacific. What did I have to lose? I lost everything that was precious to me in one conversation. It was as if a brick had been pulled from the temple and I was lying in the rubble. With no husband, no roof over my head, no friends, a mother who passed within that month, and no community to fall back on, I was forced to look inward.

It was a time of mourning, self-discovery, bravery and adventure and there were many “ah ha” moments along the way. I saw my role in the relationship, patterns repeated from childhood, and finally understood why I had attracted so many alcoholics and toxic people into my life. Life quickly became about learning lessons, finding inner strength, happiness and personal growth. In my travels, I met women with similar experiences and they shared their stories. Each story was more tragic than the next, and like me, they were lost and asking questions. When I shared my own experience, I could see a sense of relief in their expression…”Ah, thank god someone who understands what I’m going through.” At that moment, I realized that I needed a louder voice, so I created “The Break up Guide,” a place where people could learn, share their stories, find encouragement and discover that…“they are certainly…not alone.”

There are several contributors to this blog…
Kat Holland
Nicolette Michelle
Allie Monaco